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Arc’teryx - Alyssa Alikpala 

Photographer : Othello Grey
Model : Alyssa Alikpala

“con/temporary architecture, by Alyssa Alikpala, repurposes end-of-roll Gore-Tex in combination with other used and deadstock materials. Expanding on Veilance’s urban approach to technical wear, architectural form is explored as a collapsible and temporary space for gathering.”

Sneeze Magazine Issue N°60 - Charlotte Day Wilson

Photographer : Othello Grey
Creative Direction / Styling : Mellany Sanchez

Interview : Mellany Sanchez

Wanze FW24 

Photographer : Othello Grey
Photo Assistant : Jack Peros

Producer : Chiara Wee Tom
Art Direction : Chiara Wee Tom
HMU : Michelle Mao
Womens Stylist :
Chiara Wee Tom
Mens Stylist : Michael Fong
Models : Serena Yao, Rukundo Ruligirwa


Holt Renfrew - Painting in Parallel

Holt Renfrew Art Director : Jessica Diaz
Photographer :
Othello Grey

Wardrobe Stylist : Bobby Bowen
Stylist Assistant : Tamarinn Murray
HMU : Jasmine Merinksy

Digi Tech : Jack Peros

In celebration of Black History Month, Holt Renfrew invited Kareem Anthony-Ferreira and his father Roger Ferreira to share their POV on the art world and their perspectives on the Caribbean-Canadian experience.

Holt Renfrew - Painting in Parallel

Holt Renfrew Art Director: Jessica Diaz
Director : Othello Grey
Director of Content: Andrew Cresswel
Creative Producer: Rose Gardine
Associate Producer: Naomi Macapaga
Fashion Office Assistant: Taylor MacGillivary

Keenan Lynch
1st AC: Ash Tailor
2nd AC: Rosa Riad
Gaffer: Julian Samuels
Best Electric: Bryan Brook
3rd Electric: Matt Richardso
Key Grip: Dillon Freel
Best Grip: Tony Ranieri
Swing: Josh Ellis
Location Sound Mixer: James Lazarenk

Production Designer:
Chelsea Attong
Buyer: Emi Maruyama
Art PA: Octavio Caceres
Art PA: Kontinent 

Wardrobe Stylist:
Bobby Bowen
Stylist Assistant: Tamarinn Murray
HMU: Jasmine Merinksy 

Sarah Ziat
PA: Lankika Ellepola
PA: Isaac Alfie 

Picture Editor:
Bryan Reuben
Post House: Rolling Pictures
Special thanks:
Centre[3], 2D House, Film & Event Solutions, Towards Gallery

Acne Studios 

Photography : Othello Grey
: Michael Mengistu


On Running

Photography / Creative Direction : Othello Grey

Producer / Art Direction / Styling : Chiara Wee Tom
: Tamara & Premton

For the launch of the On Cloud Monster at Better Gift Shop. Special thanks to NOMAD.

Nike X Off-White™

Photography : Othello Grey
: Julian Riley


BEAM - BULLY Magazine (Cover)

Photography : Othello Grey
Creative Direction 
: Tré Akula

Styling : Bobby Bowen
: Ms. Myles

Interview : Sharine Taylor

Jonah Yano

Photography : Othello Grey
: Vince Tran

Tiredlab - 8 Pocket Cargo Pant

Photography / Graphic Design : Othello Grey
Model : Kimathi Bwomono
Styling : Waley Gao
: Vince Tran
Logo : Mike Sunday

HYPEBEAST Magazine Issue 32 :
Moya Garrison-Msingwana

Photography : Othello Grey
Words (Print Article) : Shawn Ghassemitari

Special thanks to Sheen Lakshmi Daniel

Shot on location at Transmission Studios

Sprite Limelight : Latto

The official Sprite Limelight music film for "Technique" by Latto featuring Eric B. & Rakim. Celebrating 50 years of hip hop, follow the Atlanta superstar as she picks up the torch from the God MC Rakim and stays cool in moments of heat. Watch the videos here, and here.

Produced by CANADA
Executive Producer: Victor Mata
Producer: Marga Sardà
Production Coordinator: Noemi Montero
Line Producer Toronto: Alex Dall’Orso @ Telescope Films
Line Producer Chicago: Francesco Raffo @ LFR Production
Cinematographers: Diego Guijarro, Daniel Vignal Production Designer: Noelle Hindi
Wardrobe: Priya Howlader
Stills Photographer: Othello Grey, Matthew Marzahl Post Production Coordinator: Javier Botella Editing: Xavier Trilla
Assistant Editor: Raquel Torinos
Color & VFX: Metropolitana
VFX: Álvaro Posadas & Marta Castillo @ CANADA
Sound Mix: IXYXI
Graphic Designer: Practica Design


Photography: Othello Grey
Styling : Chiara Wee Tom
Producer : Vince Tran

Model : Jerry Brown
Casting : Avi Gold

Jerry Brown; founder of Summer Records for the Better Gift Shop x Nike release of the Nike Air Force One “Yellow” West Indies.

Summer Records was one of the first Black-owned record labels in Canada and one of the first to release Canadian-made reggae music.

‘Flip’ by Homme Plissé Issey Miyake

Photography / Styling : Othello Grey
Model : Kojo Ofin


Tiredlab Lookbook

Photography : Othello Grey
Model : Julian Riley
Styling : Waley Gao
Assistant : Rashida Symone

Roots X Better Gift Shop

Photography: Othello Grey
Creative Direction : Oliver Catahan, Jake London, Avi Gold

Photographed on location at Gremlins Bicycle Emporium

The North Face - Livestock

Photography / Casting : Othello Grey
Models : Julian Riley, Beverley Demelo, Kam Campbell
Creative Direction : Tobin Reid

Fendi - Sharp Magazine

Photography : Othello Grey
Model : Tristan Cole
Fashion Direction : Haley Dach
Creative Direction : Sahar Nooraei
Art Direction : Scott Pilgrim
Grooming : Nate Matthew
Set Design : Zach Noftall
Prop Styling : Vicky Hozjan 

i-D X YSL Nu - Talia Goddess & Memphis

Photography : Othello Grey
: Milton Dixon III
Photo Assitant : Ian Rutter
Digi Tech : Maria Herron
Production : Get it Proudctions
Scanned by Picture House

i-D Issue 363 - Mustafa the Poet   

Photography : Othello Grey
Styling : Hazel Ong
Stylist Assistant : Priya Howlader
Photography Assistant : Zong Li
Article : Huda Hassan

SSENSE - Fit for city living with Veilance

Photography : Othello Grey
Production : Vince Tran
Photography Assistant : Chiara Wee Tom
Models : Alyssa Alikpala, Jaime McCuaig, Joe Yates, Jonah Yano

i-D - Celebrating Caribbean-Canadian Culture at Caribana

Photography / Interviews : Othello Grey

NOCTA - Stephen Sher

Photography : Othello Grey
Photography Assistant : Zong Li

Holt Renfrew - Karena Evans

Photography : Othello Grey

Styling : Juliana Schiavinatto

HMU : Andrew Ly

Photography Assistant : Carlo P
Production : Cossette


Photography : Othello Grey
Creative Direction : Othello Grey
Photo Assistant : Chiara Wee Tom
Production : Vince Tran
Model : Michael Mengitsu 
Special thanks : Tomas and Gio 

SSENSE - Reading Materials Pt. 4
Photography: Othello Grey
Styling: Romany Wiliams
Production: Alexandra Zbikowski
Production Assistant: Erika Robichaud-Martel Photography Assistant: Devon Corman
Hair and Makeup: Carole Méthot
Model: Fox

The North Face X KAWS
Photography : Othello Grey
Model : Michelle Mao

Charlotte Day Wilson - Press Photos

Photography / Styling / Creative Direction : Othello Grey 

Charlotte Day Wilson - Mountains (Single Artwork)

Photography : Othello Grey
Hair and Make Up : Mila Victoria

Roots X Better Gift Shop

Photography : Othello Grey
Models : Kam Campbell, Sandrine

Jahmal Padmore - Press photos

Photography / Styling : Othello Grey

Photography Assistant : Chiara Wee Tom
Creative Direction : Michael Nyarkoh 

SSENSE - Heron Preston X Nasa
Streetwear for Outer Space

Photography: Othello Grey
Styling: Romany Williams
Photography Assistant: Devon Corman
Hair and Makeup: Ronnie Tremblay
Models: Yamel Cabrera, Khalid
Production: Jezebel Leblanc-Thouin, Alexandra Zbikowski
Production Assistant: Erika Robichaud-Martel

OVO® X Donovan Bailey 

Heritage Collection

adidas Originals - ‘DEERUPT’ Campaign Still Photography

Agency: Jam3
Director: Steven Meyers
Executive Producer: Carina Mak
Production Company: LIGHT & HEVVY
Production Service: HPLA
Producer: Ryan Hahn
DOP: Maximilian Pittner
Editor: Emilie Aubry
Music: Alabaster Music
Colour: Houmam.tv
Motion: Worship Studio
Photography: Othello Grey
Writer: Caroline Leung

View the video spots here 

SSENSE - Decoding the CDG Vapormax

Photography : Othello Grey
Styling : Romany Williams
Hair and Makeup : Ashley Diabo
Producer : Alexandra Zbikowski
Model : Sand

Tone Study Magazine - Liz Johnson Artur

Photography : Othello Grey
Producer : Michael Nyarkoh

UNDONE - Various Projects

UNDONE was an online store dedicated to highlighting female designers, their list of brands included Marieyat, Pari Desi, Base Range, Giu Giu, Shaina Mote, Noe, Land of Women, The Nude Label, Sloane and Tate and more. Our working relationship spanned across their entire time of operation, from their first project to their last.

Photography : Othello Grey
Hair and Make Up : Mila Victoria


Photography : Othello Grey
Model : Kojo Ofin


Homme Plissé Issey Miyake

Photography : Othello Grey
Model : Julia Ho


AREA - L’Oeuvre

Photography : Othello Grey
Styling : Lauren Armstrong & Vanessa Campana
Hair & Makeup : Ronnie Tremblay
Model : Tiffany Ramos

‘Idle Hands’
‘The Devil finds work for idle hands’

Photography : Othello Grey
Styling : Michael Nyarkoh
Model : Kojo Ofin


How Does it Look?

An accidental picture of my girlfriend as she took her phone back led to this editorial. ‘How Does it Look?” is a highlight of the moment before review, spread across numerous outfits.

Photography : Othello Grey
Styling : Chiara Wee Tom / Othello Grey
Model : Kojo Ofin


SCREWFACE ENT. - Fall/Winter T’s

Photography : Othello Grey
Model : Teesh
Styling : Romany Williams
Creative Direction : Tobin Reid

Apple Music Up Next - Tate McCrare

Photography : Othello Grey

Photography : Othello Grey
Model : Yolonda Abrahams

DVSN - A Muse In Her Feelings (Album Cover)
Photography : Othello Grey

The Globe and Mail - Michael Lee Chin
The billionaire philanthropist, CEO of Portland Holdings and chair of National Commercial Bank of Jamaica, on what turned him against the mutual fund business and why investors should be looking for public companies that act like private ones.

Photography : Othello Grey

OVO® Athletics

Photography : Othello Grey

Mia Carucci - Kali Uchis and Jorja Smith Tour

Photography : Othello Grey

Special thanks : Nino Brown

Ebhoni : MIA 

Director / BTS Photographer : Othello Grey

VHS Footage : Othello Grey
Producer : Carina Mak
Director of Photography : Alim Sabir
Production Manager : Ashley Ballentine
Key PA : Gavin Quinn
1st AC : Teo Weyman
2nd AC : Ben Smallz
Grip : Artur Vestein
Gaff : Guillaume Cottin
Swing : Carlos Cajina
MUA : Mila Victoria
Stylist : Bobby Bowen
Animal Wrangler : Tamara Conway
Horse : Molly
Editor : Nick Yumul
Colourist : Ana Escorse
Special thanks : Kid. Studio
Special thanks : Ontario Camera Rentals

Better Gift Shop : Summer T’s / Shaun Crawford

Photography : Othello Grey
Models : Stafhon, Minzi, Max, Charlotte

Intelligence Mag - Stone Island Shadow Project

Photography : Othello Grey
Model : Max Jordison

NOMAD - Affix Works 

Photography : Othello Grey
Styling : Michael Nyarkoh
Assistant : Sarah Bauman
Model : Justin Escutin 

WCROW® - AW19 Stalemate

Photography : Othello Grey
Creative Direction : Othello Grey
Styling : Tomo Hosogoe
Models : Jonah Yano, Jasmine Herrera-Morales