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Photography / Styling : Othello Grey

Model : Teesh 
Art Direction : Chiara Wee Tom
Producer : Vince Tran

Twice Over

Featuring SS23 items from Craig Green, A-COLD-WALL*, Comme des Garçons SHIRT, Junya Watanabe MAN, WINNIE New York, Jil Sander, Rick Owens DRKSHDW, Our Legacy and Homme Plissé Issey Miyake

Photography / Styling : Othello Grey

Model : Michael Mengitsu 
Assistant : Waley Gao

Once When Still

‘Once When Still' is an ode to the nuance of loving relationships, meant to capture a moment in time when feelings of love are mutually shared. Love shared between partners, love shared between a parent and child and love shared between friends.

Once when still, we felt the same.

Photography : Othello Grey

Creative Direction / Styling : Othello Grey & Chiara Wee Tom
Producer : Chiara Wee Tom
Models : Beverley Demelo, Nicko Bruno, Edi Cañedo,
Calla Cañedo Bill, Kojo Ofin, Julian Riley

A Diamond is Only a Diamond

A commentary on what we deem valuable. In collaboration with Soop Soop, featuring Vaquera & Eckhaus Latta.

Photography / Styling : Othello Grey
Model : Yolonda

i-D Magazine (Digital) - Toronto’s Queer Club Scene

i-D spoke to 9 leaders of Toronto’s queer underground club scene to learn more about local nightlife and how they advocate for their community from the ground up.

Photography : Othello Grey
Interviews : Hazel Ong
Featuring : Teesh, Bobby, Bambii, Kash, Karim, Redliners, Nino and Ace

Full Metal Alchemist

How does the common fashion enthusiast wear a Comme des Garçons Homme Plus Metallic Faux Leather Jacket?.. well, like any other jacket you own.

Photography / Casting : Othello Grey

Styling : Chiara Wee Tom / Summer Ruddock-Ellis / Othello Grey
Models : Chiara Wee Tom / Kojo Ofin / Summer Ruddock-Ellis / Tomás Acevedo

i-D Magazine (Print) - Ravyn Wngz 

Ravyns story appears in up + rising, a celebration of extraordinary Black voices, and the first chapter of i-D's 40th anniversary issue (1980-2020).

Photography : Othello Grey
Styling : Hazel Ong
Casting Director : Samuel Ellis Scheinman
Casting Assistance : Alexandra Antonova

Louis Vuitton X NBA

Louis Vuitton launches the first menswear capsule of the NBA under the artistic direction of Virgil Abloh. Motivated by the exchange between French craftsmanship and American sports, Virgil Abloh created a limited clothing and accessories line uniting the emblems of the two institutions. The collection adapts the designer’s codes with the iconography of the basketball universe and honors the values of relatability and inclusion key to Virgil Abloh’s vision at Louis Vuitton.

Photography : Othello Grey
Styling : Drew Ferguson
Stylist Assistant : Jackie McKeown
Creative Direction : Be Good Studios

Production : Carina Mak / Zinc

The Face MagazineBambii 

Photography : Othello Grey

Assistant : Gennelle Cruz
Styling : Summer Ruddock-Ellis
Make Up : Ms.Myles 
Hair : Jodesja
Producer : Vince Tran
Photographed at Studio AM

If I May Shed My Burden

A focus on self examination in isolation- If the
fire in which you are forged by is suddenly
extinguished, what parts of you remain?

Photography / Styling : Othello Grey
Model : Miguel Henson

Our Legacy - Things I Felt In Passing

Photography/ Styling : Othello Grey
Model : Mark Emery


Photography : Othello Grey
Production : RX Studio

Models : Danielle Patterson, Jedidah Donsah, Mecha Clarke


Photography : Othello Grey
Models : Kojo & Tyreah

NOCTA - NOMAD Toronto 

Photography : Othello Grey
Photography Assistant : Nam Phi Dang
Art director / Stylist : Chiara Wee Tom
Producer : Vince Tran
Models : Kojo Ofin, Julian Riley, Michael Mengistu
Gaffer : Mikael Cosmo, Gideon Ayesu
Key Grip : Dave Mogado
Production Coordinator : Kahma Missinga


Photography : Othello Grey
Styling / HMU : Summer Ruddock-Ellis
Model : Angaer

WCROW - Open House

Photography : Othello Grey
Creative Direction : Tomo, Vince, Othello
Featuring : Studio Kim, Kofi, Jeremy, Tomo

Neither of Us

Photography : Othello Grey

L.A Timpa

Photgraphy : Othello Grey


L.A Timpa : 2:Ep1

Director / Editor / Cinematographer : Othello Grey

Fumito Ganryu - NOMAD Toronto

Photography / Styling : Othello Grey

Assistants : Michael Nyarkoh, Chiara Wee Tom

Model : Wanze Song

Coeval - A Pulse for Beauty

This documentation of the Dominican Republic’s DNA represents the disconnection and contrasts between their reality and ours. While for the western society social media reigns supreme and we engage in multiple forms of a digitalised existence, they are in the present and anything outside of that seems frivolous. This story captures the beauty, focusing on the human aspect.

Photography : Othello Grey
Words : Patrizia Wilk D’elia

INDIE Mag - Bambii
Photography : Othello Grey
Styling : Summer Ruddock-Ellis


Photography : Othello Grey

- Additional press photos for i-D / FADER

HYPEBEAST Issue 20 - Foster Child

Photography / Styling : Othello Grey
Assistant : Alyssa Alikpala
Model : Richard Goodman

Special thank you to GHOSTCURRENCY,
Carina Mak & Andrew Power

Intelligence Magazine : Junya Watanabe MAN

Photography : Othello Grey
Assistants : Vince Tran, Maro Efemuaye

Special thanks to Tobin Reid


Photography : Othello Grey

Model : Kyle Mottley

Liquid Moon

Photography : Othello Grey
Styling : Alyssa Alikpala
Model : Joe Yates

HYPEBEAST - When Birds Migrate

Photography : Othello Grey
Creative Direction : Alyssa Alikpala
Styling : Alyssa Alikpala / Taylor Chung
Model : Jonah Yano

Pressure Paris - Brit Wacher

Photography : Othello Grey
Styling : Anastasia Patellis
HMU : Steph George
Model : Elise Troiser

With You in Theory

‘I gave you my identity when you didn’t have one of your own, so even though we’re apart, I’m still with you in theory.

Photography / Styling : Othello Grey  

Producer : Vince Tran
Model : Moya Garrison-Msingwana