Clairo - Bags (Flip)

Thanks for the Tears · CLAIRO - BAGS (FLIP)

Chi wanted a remix of Bags by Clairo, so I made a quick flip as a warm up.

GLEEM - 2020

One of my good friends Freddy had been working on a graphic novel titled GLEEM and had the idea to create an accompanying score to coincide with its release.

I was surprised when he asked me to do the score, as I’d only played him some random fragments of music I’d made at the time. I never imagined it would be the first musical project I’d ever release. I’ll always be grateful to him for trusting me and allowing me to share something so precious with him. ⁣⁣

With that said I’m excited to share this project with the world and hope it resonates with someone somewhere lol. It’s live now on Spotify and Apple Music under my record label OPEN WOUNDS®. The phyiscal version of GLEEM is long sold out but you can get a digital booklet companion with purchase (no minimun) on Bandcamp.