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I’ve sent an email with this compilation of links to a few friends over the years, they helped me overcome a very dark and confusing time period. I was able to reconstruct my way of thinking and general approach to my life. Stoicism played a huge part in this, forever thankful to Jahmal Padmore for introducing it to me. 

Thich Nhat Hanh - The Art of Mindful Living Part 1
Thich Nhat Hanh - The Art of Mindful Living Part 2

Derek Sivers : The ‘Good Enough’ Life Choice
Derek Sivers : 9 Stories, 18 minutes for things that matter 
Derek Sivers : Books I’ve Read
(Summaries and detailed notes on various books)

Derek Sivers : Obvious to you, amazing to others
Tara Brach - Radical Acceptance Revisited

Burnout Generation
Ego Blind Spots

How the stories we tell ourselves control our lives


The Philosophy of Stoicism - Massimo Pigluicci
Why Stoicism Matters
Stoicism 101
(this is a good briefing of the concepts of Stoicism after understanding it a bit)
10 Themes of Stoicism 
Practical Stoicism

Meditations of Marcus Aurelius

PDF24 - Compress, merge, edit, split, unlock, sign PDFS and more (all free)

Tella TV - create product demo’s, tutorials presentations etc within your web browser
Make - Create, build and automate workflows

Temp Mail - Provides temporary, secure, anonymous, free disposabale email addresses

Free Game - Virgil Abloh (the only online creative industry database you’ll ever need)

Ken Rockwell - Camera Database (use search function for in depth anaylsis of almost any camera) (a simple way to create invoices) (various resources surrounding legal, creative, music and other frameworks)

Photographing in Direct Sunlight  
Guide to Photography Usage Terms
Licensing Fees for Photography
Guide to Pricing Commercial Photography : License Fees
Pixel Dimensions and File Sizes for Printing Photos
Flagging and Feathering
5 Ways to Use a Beauty Dish
Export a Contact Sheet from Lightroom CC
Five Different 6X7 Medium Format Cameras to Create Beautiful Photos With
13 Smart Podcasts That Will Feed Your Hunger for Knowledge and Ideas
Class Central : 100,000 Courses, 950 Subjects
20 Websites That Feel Illegal to Know About
10 Google Chrome Extensions to Save You Hundreds of Hours (all free)